If you agree that to travel is to eat, you’ve come to the right place. Foodie friends, welcome to Munch.

When you travel, food isn’t just fuel - it’s an experience, a memory, and something that tastes better with friends. That’s our Munch food philosophy, and it informs all of the incredible foodie experiences you can do with us.

The practical stuff


The most important meal of the day is included, every day.

Free Time Add-On Experiences

With our optional foodie add ons, you can do things like learn to cook, dine in the homes of locals or have a cultural feast with your Contiki fam.

Contiki Chefs

At our Contiki-owned Special Stays, our Contiki chefs prepare fresh local meals.

Learn to Cook

Take a cooking class and take proper Italian pasta home with you, or learn how to whip up the perfect paella.

Included Local Dinners

When it’s difficult for you to grab a bite on your own, we include some local dinners which reflect the places we visit.

EatWith a Local

We’ve partnered with EatWith so you can dine with and like the locals, like our experiences in Porto, Milan & even Glasgow.

Free Time

You’ll have free time to explore a destination’s local eats, with expert tips from our Trip Managers.

Learn how to make your own traditional pesto

Cinque Terre, Italy

In the Riviera town of Sestri Levante, learn the art of pesto making with a crew of professional chefs, before they cook up your creations with fresh pasta and serve you a classic Genovese meal.

Take a Tuscan foodie walking tour

Florence, Italy

Sample some Chianti, before visiting Roman-age crypts, where you can taste some classic Crostino Toscano pate. Then, learn to make your own Negroni cocktails, before wrapping up the foodie tour at our fave Florentine restaurant.

Dine with the locals on the rooftops of their homes

Seville, Spain

This immersive dining experience brings you into the kitchen and home of the locals. As you sit on the rooftops of Seville you’ll be served course after course of tapas: jamon serrano, tortilla and more. Then your hosts will bust out their guitars, serenading you while you sip rioja and toast the balmy night.

Food Experiences travellers eating in RAW Gelände, Berlin
Brit Trip Manager

Brit, Trip Manager

When I’m in Berlin, I love going to RAW Gelände. It’s got off-beat clubs, bars and foodie pop-ups, as well as a skate park, swimming pool & flea market. Definitely come and check it out, to see just how cool Berlin really is.

Food Experiences grilled octopus


Seville, Spain
Relax on the rooftops of Seville as locals serve you traditional food from their homes.

Food Experiences Paella


Valencia, Spain
Get a paella masterclass in its spiritual home of Valencia and taste your creations.

Food Experiences, travellers eating traditional Cassoulet in France


Beaujolais, France
Eat traditional Cassoulet in the Contiki Chateau from our Masterchef designed menu.