Benefits of taking a Gap year

There are countless benefits with Gap year and student travel before, after or during university, including:

Increase your confidence and independence

Improve your mental well-being

Become more open-minded and adaptable

Meet new friends worldwide and build your network

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What is a Gap year?

Gap years can be a great way of enhancing your CV, learn new skills and travel. Typically it’s a year long break before or after university or college, traditionally spent abroad. It’s the perfect time to take advantage of being able to travel freely before the next chapter of either education or a career begins.

Where can you go on a Gap year?

As the world is opening up to travel again, more and more exciting destinations will be available for you to travel on your Gap year. Some people decide that they would like to work whilst they are abroad in order to pay for their travels. There are a lot of places that offer working holiday visa programs for under 30’s, such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Japan. Others may tend to work before they travel and some may want to do a round the world Gap year trip taking in as many countries and cultures as possible within their budget.

How do I plan a Gap year travel?

The best way to plan a Gap year is to consider the places you want to travel to and decide whether you’re going to raise the money in advance or work whilst abroad. It’s always useful to talk to a specialist who can help connect the dots between countries and flight routes. We have dedicated reservation experts who are able to book your tours whilst you are travelling.

Should I take a Gap year to travel?

You should absolutely take a Gap year to travel. Taking a year off to explore the world is a great way to learn new things, grow as an individual and make new friends. In fact, it will even make you more attractive to potential employers, as they will see you as more adaptable, confident and a person that's innovative and independent.

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