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Where is the cheapest place for winter sun?

This will depend where you’re flying from, but there are some great cheap options wherever you’re based. South East Asia is an affordable destination and has an average temperature of 30ºC between November and February. Egypt, Morocco and Mexico are also great spots for some affordable winter sun, and will all be at least 20ºC.

Where is the best place for winter sun holidays?

Winter doesn’t have to mean snow, sleet and dark gloomy nights. There are plenty of destinations around the world that enjoy sumptuous sun between November and February. Australia and New Zealand have their summer during these months, while the Caribbean, Egypt and Morocco will be as warm as 30ºC degrees. You’ll also find temperatures of around 18ºC-30ºC in European countries like Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal.

Where is the best place in Europe for winter sun?

Turning to Europe for your winter sun? Fear not, the continent may not be roasting during these months, but you’ll encounter some swimwear weather for sure. Basically, the closer to the Med you go, the warmer it’ll be. Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal will be as warm as 18ºC-30ºC degrees – sure, it’s no summer, but it’s the off season so your break will be cheaper and all the tourist attractions won’t be as busy.

Which destinations are best for winter sun in December?

Looking to escape the Christmas crowds and embark on a quest of sun-seeking? Go you! The good news is you have plenty of options. There’s Mexico (30ºC), Australia – especially Melbourne (20ºC) and Brisbane (25º), and South Africa too (22ºC.) If you’re looking for sun in Europe, you may not find sizzling heat, but Mediterranean countries like Greece, Spain and Croatia can get as warm as 25ºC degrees during December. There’s also Egypt (21ºC) and Morocco (23ºC) if you’re happy to venture out further.

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^Flexible Bookings & Pay Over Time Terms & Conditions

Only £60 deposit per person is required to confirm your trip booking. Deposit is due within 3 days of booking. Full payment is required 60 days before travel. Once the deposit is paid, you can change your selected trip or the departure dates up until 60 days before the selected departure, with no change fees. Any difference in trip prices will still be applicable.

£60 per person deposit is land only deposit and excludes any additional deposits such as Inca Trail or flights if applicable.

Amendments & cancellation
You can cancel or amend your trip up to 60 days prior to trip departure. Any differences in trip costs between your original and new booking will still be applicable.

You can cancel your trip up to 60 days before departure and get your money back, excluding the deposit amount. Your flexible deposit will remain attached your profile and can be used to book a new trip whenever you're ready with us or one of our TTC sister brands, or it can even be gifted to a friend as per the conditions of our FlexDeposit policy.

Cancellations within 60 days of departure are subject to our standard fees as outlined in our booking conditions

Flexdeposit policy
FlexDeposit is a policy you automatically get once you’ve paid a deposit on any Contiki trip 7 days or longer. It means if you need to cancel for any reason, your deposit will remain secure until you’re ready to use it on new trip dates or on a different trip, ensuring your deposit isn't lost if you can't travel on your original trip as intended. FlexDeposit can be used up until your 36th birthday, after which time it can then be transferred for use with any other travel brand within The Travel Corporation family of brands. It can also be gifted to a friend within 5 years of the original booking date. To gift to family or friend the customer must email confirmation to Contiki stating the nominated name. Gifting only valid within 5 calendar years of the original booking.

FlexDeposit applies to the land tour deposit only and excludes any additional deposits such as Inca Trail or flights if applicable. FlexDeposit has no cash value and is non-refundable.

The amount allowed to be redeemed on a new or amended trip booking is equal to the original deposit amount paid. In the case of multiple deposits due to back to back trips, only one deposit amount can be credited per trip, they cannot be combined. However multiple trips can be booked using multiple FlexDeposits. FlexDeposit is valid on all Contiki trips 7 days or longer.

Flexible payment, pay over time financing
Once a deposit is paid, full payment is not required until 60 days before travel. You can pay off your full trip cost in as many payment instalments as you like with no interest or additional fees as long as your trip balance is paid in full 60 days before departure. In some regions, we have financing options to help you pay for your trip via partner providers, such as Uplift in the USA and Canada and Zip in Australia. The credit offered is determined by the Third party partner providers.

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