The number of visas available for Canada are limited, so you’ll have to act quickly to secure one. If you’re aged between 18 and 30 you’re eligible for a 24 month long work permit. Make the most of Canada’s seasons from vibrant mountains in spring and summer, vivid autumnal colours to the ultimate winter wonderland. So if you want to head to the land that is home to Justin Bieber,  Ellen Page and maple syrup, look no further.

Canada Work Permits

Canadian working holiday visas are notoriously difficult to get hold of, because there are a limited number available each year to Brits. The pool usually opens in November / December so it’s worth applying as early as possible.

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Who is eligible for a Canada Working Holiday Visa?

You must be between 18-30 if you're British, or 18-35 if you're Irish to get yourself a Canadian work visa. You must prove you have access to $2,500 (around £1,500) on arrival into Canada.

How long can you stay in Canada on a working holiday visa?

The IEC working holiday visa is controlled by Canadian immigration. You can work and travel around Canada for up to 2 years.

What's the process of the Canadian working holiday visa?

5,000 visas are allocated to each the UK and Ireland each year. You should apply as early as possible, then once you've applied you'll either hear back with an invitation to begin your formal application or you won’t. People are selected at random so you don’t have any control over who gets an invitation.