8 days visiting London, Paris, Amsterdam & Berlin

This one makes tracks through some of Europe's coolest cities, taking the train from London to Berlin and exploring Paris and Amsterdam along the way. Incredible experiences will make every day of your itinerary sparkle, while scenic train rides and smaller group sizes allow you to see a more authentic side to Europe.

A timeless way to see Europe

Dreamy views, eco-friendly credentials, comfy cabins - there’s a reason that taking the train across Europe is just as popular as it was 200 years ago.


friend with baggage getting into the train

Explore an unseen London

London, United Kingdom | Day 1

Unseen London is a not-for-profit tour hosted by the men and women who have lived on the streets of London. Not only does it provide the expert guides the vital support they need, they know the secrets of London’s winding historic alleys better than anyone, and will show you a fascinating city not usually seen by tourists.

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Picnic under the Eiffel Tower

Paris, France | Day 3

Throw down your picnic blanket In the shadow of the Eiffel Tower and take it easy - with some cheese & wine, of course. Stick around for long enough and you can see the tower light up and sparkle in the night’s sky. It is a spectacle you won’t forget.

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Boat through Amsterdams canals

Amsterdam, Netherlands | Day 5

The best way to explore Amsterdam is from the water. And the best way to cruise the canals is by captaining your very own electric boat. Get a crew of shipmates, pose for photos, crack open a local beer and glide along the UNESCO heritage canals at your own pace.

Exclusive access: A'DAM Lookout

Amsterdam, Netherlands | Day 5

Get a peerless perspective of Amsterdam’s spectacular historic centre on the new A’dam lookout swing, an enthralling sky deck swing that suspends you over the UNESCO world heritage canals and quirky neo-gothic architecture. The best bit? With Contiki you’ll get exclusive early access, just for you, allowing you to appreciate the views without the crowds.

Stay: Kick back at Via Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands | Day 6 & 7

From karaoke parties to stylish communal areas, Via is as eclectic and fun as Amsterdam itself. Taste delicious food and craft beer at the dude restaurant and bar and then catch a film in the cinema room.

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Hear the voices of refugees

Berlin, Germany | Day 7

This tour, led by a Syrian refugee, showcases places of historical significance in the fascinating city of Berlin, drawing parallels between Europe in the 20th century, and what has happened to Syria in the 21st, using Berlin’s turbulent past to question the attitudes that Syrian refugees face in today’s world.

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Stay at the Moxy

Berlin, Germany | Day 6 & 7

Look out over Berlin from this super-chic hotel’s viewpoint, right near Berlin-Gesundbrunnen station. The rooms and social areas are all about the creative expression and contemporary style that embodies Berlin in the 21st century.

Hang out at RAW Gëlande food market

Berlin, Germany | Day 4

The iconic RAW Gelände is a fascinating, graffiti-daubed jumble of buildings that form Berlin’s creative hub. It’s got off-beat clubs, bars and foodie pop-ups, as well as a skate park, swimming pool & flea market, and it’s here that you’ll find the city’s creatives hanging out and enjoying the delicious food.

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Uncover an alternative Berlin

Berlin, Germany | Day 7

Berlin has a lot of history, but there are so many cool things happening in the here and now. That’s why this walking tour uncovers an alternative side to Berlin - a Berlin of street artists, communities, musicians, murals, curators and burlesque performers.

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