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Is there any compensation for travel?

We do appreciate that many of our applicants travel from near and far for these interviews but we do not offer compensation for this travel - those of you who are successful will have the job of a lifetime with many opportunities to come!

When do applications open?

Applications for Summer 2024 will open in mid-October.  Click the ‘Apply Now’ button to register your interest, we will notify you when applications are open.

Do I need to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 to work as a On-Site Team Member for Contiki?

For all Contiki Travellers joining our trips from 1 January 2023 onwards, Covid vaccinations and boosters will be highly recommended but no longer required.

We will adopt the same stance for our Crew as we will our Travellers.

It is important to also note that both Contiki Travellers & Crew will need to comply with specific vaccine and/or booster requirements imposed by airlines and/or authorities in the destinations they will be visiting- as well as meet any requirements for accessing restaurants and venues, which may be more restrictive than above.

Please note that in Europe today very few countries, venues and airlines require compulsory vaccination, and we expect that trend to continue in to 2023.

Is there anything else I should know?

Yes - you have to put in an application to give yourself the opportunity! Register your interest now so that you are first to know when applications open!

Still not sure?

If you require further information email us:


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