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African safari trips are the ultimate way to feel the call of the wild and get closer to nature than ever before. There’s nothing on earth quite like an African wildlife safari, in which you’ll cruise the sweeping planes in a drop-top 4x4, stay in lush lodges under starswept skies and spot lions, giraffes, buffalo and elephants in their natural habitats. Take an African safari trip with Contiki and discover what true adventure looks like.


How much does an African safari cost?
How much your African safari costs depends on the length of your trip, your accommodation and how many destinations you want to pack in. We’ve got affordable packages that include accommodation and transport - including speedy internal flights - to take you from epic location to epic location in style.

What to pack for an African safari?
For an African safari you’ll want to pack lots of light layers, a raincoat, sunglasses, insect repellent, sunscreen, a first aid kit, a camera, binoculars and comfortable clothes.

What to wear on an African safari?
You don’t need to be camouflage, but make sure you wear lots of light clothing that you can layer depending on the temperature, which can fluctuate wildly. A brimmed hat to keep the sun away is a good idea, as are some lightweight trail runners that don’t weigh you down but are good for long walks.

How long does an African safari take?
The average duration of our African safaris is 12-14 days, with our longest one being 23 days. For the ultimate wildlife experience, we recommend scheduling two weeks, which will allow you plenty of time to explore the sights, discover the animals and experience epic adventures.

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