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Will I be able to provide feedback on my trip?

You sure can! At the end of your trip you will have the chance to fill out a digital feedback questionnaire which will cover off all the elements of your trip, from what your Trip Manager was like, to the food, accommodation, experiences, etc. Filling in this form as honestly and accurately as possible is a huge help for us as it means we can improve on any areas you perhaps weren’t so happy with (as well as give kudos to our staff for all the things they did well).


As well as this form, you will also receive an email from Feefo, who are an independent third party review site, soon after your trip has finished. This email will contain a link which you can follow to leave a review of your trip.

How do I leave a review?

Soon after your trip has finished, you will receive an email from Feefo, who are an independent third party review site. In this email, you will be prompted to follow a link which will take you to Feefo’s site, and it’s here you can leave your review of your Contiki trip.

How can I file a complaint?

Should you require to file a complaint please raise this initially with your Trip Manager whilst on trip and provide the opportunity for an immediate solution. Should this not be appropriate or post/pre trip please send us an email to help@contiki.com.


After reviewing your complaint, we will send your email to the relevant department or the region the complaint relates to, and will endeavour to make sure that your issue is dealt with as quickly as possible.

How can I contact my group once I’m home?

After arriving home from your trip, chances are you’ll be pining for your new Contiki fam. You’ll probably already have swapped social handles with most of your group by this point, but you can also stay in touch with your group through My Contiki. Here, you can instant chat, share photos from your trip, and maybe just plan the reunion of all reunions.

How can I share my travel memories?

We love our travellers sharing their trip pics on social media, both during and after their adventure. When doing this, make sure you include your trip hashtag on the image, as well as tagging @contiki. Doing this means our social team can see everything that’s being posted and, better still, we love to share our favourite pics from the trips, so you may just have your moment in the spotlight.


Sometimes we’ll even drop social challenges for prizes whilst you are on a Contiki trip. Stay tuned!

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