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What to wear for hiking?

The main consideration for hiking is definitely footwear. When you’re on your feet for this long it’s important to invest in a quality pair of hiking boots. You may need lighter ones in hotter climates, but generally you need a pair that fit you perfectly and aren’t going to give you any bothersome blisters, whilst providing the ankle support you need. Layered clothing is important too to deal with varying temperatures.

Where are the best places to go hiking?

It depends what level of fitness you have and what kind of scenery or environment you have. Some of the most popular hiking trails are through America’s sweeping National Parks, while trekking trips in the Nepalese Himalayas have become increasingly popular amongst backpackers in recent years.

What is the difference between hiking and trekking?

Hiking is often the more leisurely pursuit, on man-made roads or trails that wind through forests or up climbs. Trekking is often the more hardcore pursuit, often for longer distances, with more challenging gradients, climbs and obstacles to overcome. Though the two can often still be used interchangeably.

Is trekking difficult?

Trekking in general is no walk in the park, but of course there are easy treks and there are treks that no one but a seasoned pro should even attempt. There are some treks in Nepal that only take a few days and are generally relaxed, or there are of course treks to the Everest Base Camp or Kilimanjaro which can be dangerous when not attempted with the proper experience and equipment.

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