The epicentre of Mother Russia, Moscow is a mysterious and magical place filled with welcomed contradictions. Cultural festivals nod to Slavic mythology while obscure museum instillations amidst void spaces speak in futuristic tongues. Modern fashion concept stores like Air Moscow and Buy By Me tantalise visitors to indulge, while corners of old Arbat street still whisper Communist ideologies. Piecing together this puzzle is all part of the joy of this city, and like many of the world's most intriguing cities it's a place most travellers, and even many locals, will feel they never truly grasp. Nevertheless, stepping into Moscow has a vortex effect. And much like the national drink of vodka, once you've had a sip you'll be left craving more. Start your trip low-key with a stroll through Gorky Park and Saint Basil’s Cathedral, and hit your climax with lunch amidst the antique aristocratic mansion setting of Cafe Pushkin followed by ballet at the Bolshoi Theatre. An elegant observation of opera or ballet at the Bolshoi Theatre is a city essential, a glamorous experience best evened out by descending into the Moscow Metro. Not that the city's transport system is anything shy of extravagant, featuring platforms so ornate they look more like a museum. Moscow is a place to experiment with new foods no matter how unappealing they sound, even the 'Golubtsy' cabbage roll and 'borscht' beetroot soup will leave you wanting more. By the end of your stint here you're likely to be quite taken by Russia's grand capital, with Moscow often inspiring a path to further travels through Russia.


Language:  Russian
Currency:  Russian ruble
Electricity:  220V
Visas:  Click here to see if you need a visa to enter Russia.
Dialling Code:  +7
Time Zone:  (GMT +03:00)


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