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What if I am Non-Binary I want to travel with Contiki?

We’re committed to making Contiki safe and welcoming for everyone. That includes gender-diverse guests. Our entire team – from reservations to Trip Managers – are taught about gender diversity, and are always here to discuss concerns or answer questions. Please give us a call before your trip so we can work together to create a safe, welcoming and incredible travel experience for you.

What if I am trans or transitioning and want to travel on Contiki?

We’re a community of young people who want to travel the world. If you’re part of the trans community or are in the process of transitioning, get in touch with us before the trip so we can address any concerns you have. We mainly want to ensure our team is educated on your preferred pronouns and gender identity before you join us on trip.

Got any specific medication or medical requirements? Let us know before you go!

What training do you give your team on the LGBTQIA+ community?

Every year we conduct diversity and inclusion training so our team are prepared to deliver a welcoming environment to all travellers. The training includes specifics about gender, gender identity and the challenges that gender-diverse people face when travelling.  

We’re committed to serving the LGBTQIA+ community and creating an inclusive environment throughout all of Contiki, this extends from your on-trip experience, to our call centres and our content. Many of our team are part of the queer community and we’re proud to offer an inclusive working, as well as travelling environment.

I’m non-binary and am curious if I’ll be the only one on my trip. Do many trans/non-binary people participate in these Contiki?

Contiki trips are representative of the entire community we serve – young people from all around the world.  we have plenty of travellers from the LGBTQIA+ community.The social travel experience we provide means our travellers rarely feel like outsiders. The group dynamic is so important. It’s what makes our our experiences unique, and our teams on the road work hard on this.

Can I hear from other LGBTQ+ travellers who have travelled with Contiki?

Of course!  have lots of LGBTQIA+ content featured on our six-two (our online travel magazine), about traveller experiences, LGBTQIA+ friendly destinations and travel tips in general. Here are some examples.  





I’m travelling in a Same-Sex relationship? Can I share a room with my partner and others?

If you’re travelling with a partner, we recommend booking a trip with a twin share option. We recommend this for all couples who want some privacy after a day of exploring.

What if other travellers make me uncomfortable? 

Travel with Contiki is all about positive life experiences. We have an absolute ZERO-tolerance policy on bullying or harassment being directed at any of our travellers and/or our team members. If you've ever been made to feel uncomfortable or intimidated by anyone’s behaviour during your trip, the first step is to talk to your Trip Manager. Also, if you witness any behaviour that you feel is unacceptable then your Trip Manager is your first port of call.  

Our incredible support team extends far beyond your trip, so if your Trip Manager hasn’t been able to resolve a situation or you don’t feel comfortable discussing it with them, you can always have a frank conversation with our support team via email: specialist.support@contiki.com or you can call +44-203-368-8501. The sooner you tell us about a situation, the sooner we can respond and give you the support you need. 

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What if my roommate and I don’t get along?

Roommates are part of the Contiki experience and help us create that social travel community that makes us famous. If you and your roommate are not getting on for any reason you can request a room move from the Trip Manager, but it’s not guaranteed. Ultimately, your bed is only where you sleep and so most of the time our travellers all enjoy the shared experience of travelling together.  

Is it safe as LGBTQIA+ to all destinations?

We work hard to provide a welcoming, inclusive environment on all of our trips, no matter where in the world we are. If you want to read some more about what it’s like to travel the world as a LGBTQ+ traveller, you can read some of our guest articles on our online magazine, six-two, here, and here. We also recommend doing some research on local laws and customs of the place you’re visiting. Your Government should have helpful LGBTQ+ travel advice on its official website.

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