Top 20 ‘perfect moments’ to experience on holiday, as chosen by our respondents

Watching a sunrise or sunset with friends/family

A one-off joke (or funny event) that becomes a running joke

Something funny that becomes a story to tell for years to come

Leaving your comfort zone

Drinks or food with a view

Making a connection with a local person/group of people

Trying a local delicacy which is considered unusual at home

Taking a detour or getting lost, only to find an amazing view

Seeing a famous landmark

Swimming in the sea

Making a new friend

Doing something adrenaline-spiking, such as bungee jumping or parachuting

Ticking something off your bucket list

Getting the full tour of a beautiful city

Seeing animals in their natural habitat

Finding the ideal souvenirs/gifts

Getting the tour of a local town/village

Being proposed to/proposing to someone/witnessing a proposal

A holiday romance or a kiss

Climbing a mountain

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