Travel to Africa & The Middle East with Contiki

From the biblical lands of Israel to the spice islands of Zanzibar, the Middle East and Africa are regions worth dedicating months and years of travel to. On our Africa trips you can admire colonies of penguins on the beaches of South Africa, share breakfast with giraffes in a foliage covered Kenyan manor, and take an Africa safari in the wild East. Our Middle East trips will see you exploring rich archaeological sites, religious monuments and diverse cultural groups. Only with Middle East travel will you have the chance to visit the supposed tomb of Jesus, gawk at fossils some 250 million years old, and meet tribes of nomadic humans still living in harmony with the earth. One thing is certain: the Middle East and Africa will rouse each of your senses from sun up ‘til sun down.

Why Contiki?

They’re about immersing yourself in every place you visit, thanks to insights from our local guides. They’re about experiencing other cultures and ways of living, thanks to our hand-picked experiences. And, above all, they’re about having fun and making connections that last long after the trip ends: connections with new places and connections with people as hungry for adventure as you.

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