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What is a city break?

A city break is a short trip that takes place in a city, usually over a weekend or a few days (but there are no hard & fast rules of course!) Popular destinations include London, New York, Paris and Rome.

How long is a city break?

How long’s a piece of string? City breaks usually fall over a weekend or will last less than a week (usually 3-4 days) but hey, there are no real rules when it comes to travel. After all, it depends why you’re there and what you want to see!

What are the best city break destinations in Europe?

The most-visited European cities include London, Paris, Istanbul and Barcelona. Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam and Rome are also very popular – and with good reason of course! Just like other great cities around the world, European cities serve up a huge array of things to do, including museums, green spaces and awesome shops, not to mention the eclectic bunch of eateries.

Are flights included?

Contiki trips are not inclusive of flights. This is because travellers join our trips from all over the world, and many of them enjoy having the freedom to arrive at their destination a few days before the trip starts, or to stay there a few days after it ends.

You’ll need to arrange your own flights when travelling with us but rest assured, your accommodation, awesome activities and lots of your meals are all planned out by us.

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