Visit Japan with us

A timeless country filled with ancient traditions and nature infused with modern technology and futuristic buildings. The only country you'll find such extreme coexistence seem effortless. The Japanese seasons will take you from vibrant avenues of cherry blossoms to snow capped mountains in no time. And our trips to Japan will enable you to experience every corner of this unique country. From the bright lights of Tokyo to the cultural hub and traditional Onsens of Kyoto, you'll be able to hit up the tourist spots like Universal Studios or simply eat your way around the local street food stalls. And let's not forget the 3 S's - sushi, samurai & sake!

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Why Contiki?

They’re about immersing yourself in every place you visit, thanks to insights from our local guides. They’re about experiencing other cultures and ways of living, thanks to our hand-picked experiences. And, above all, they’re about having fun and making connections that last long after the trip ends: connections with new places and connections with people as hungry for adventure as you.

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