Our commitment to local, authentic, and utterly delicious food experiences

If you’ve been thinking about New Zealand, we’ll bet you’ve also been thinking about food.

The fresh seafood, the classic Fish ‘n Chups, or traditional Maori Hangi (a traditional feast cooked in an underground pit) – all so good your mouth should already be watering. That’s what it’s all about – immersing yourself in a new country and settling into its way of life.


New Zealand Food

Like you, we’re utterly obsessed with all things food, so we created Munch, the word we use to describe our love affair with food. What does it mean?

It’s breakfast every day, plus a few included lunches and dinners set to the backdrop of New Zealand’s incredible scenery and wildlife.

And it’s our Trip Managers’ overflowing little black books of foodie goodness – sending you to all the best places to taste New Zealand’s amazing produce & fresh flavours.

You’ll discover our Munch philosophy woven into every single one of our trips.