Ethical wildlife experiences

Contiki, in partnership with TreadRight,  supports World Animal Protection’s goal of changing supplier behaviour within the industry through the Coalition for Ethical Wildlife Tourism, established to demonstrate consumer demand for ethical wildlife experiences. Together with our travel partners, we provide training on animal welfare and undertake annual audits of all experiences including wild or domestic animals by Contiki. See how else we support wildlife through our TreadRight Wildlife projects.

5 domains of animal welfare

The Five Domains of Animal Welfare are a globally-recognised criteria with a focus on the mental state of the animal. They replace the previously standardised ‘Five Freedoms’, and recognise the sentient nature of animals.

Contiki Animal Welfare Icon Nutrition
Contiki Animal Welfare Icon Environment



Factors that involve the animal’s access to sufficient, balanced, varied and clean food and water

Factors that enable comfort through temperature, substrate, space, air, odour, noise and predictability

Turtle swimming in the clear blue sea
rhino crossing land
Contiki Animal Welfare Icon Health
Contiki Animal Welfare Icon Behaviour



Factors that enable good health through absence of disease, injury, impairment and good fitness level

Factors that provide engaging environmental challenges, exploration, bonding or playing

Female lion walking
elephant crossing a road
Contiki Animal Welfare Icon Mental State

Mental State

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By presenting positive situations in the previous domains, the mental state of the animal should benefit from predominantly positive states

Read our full Animal Welfare Policy

Three zebras standing in the grass

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