Adventure highlights

Get your Banksy-on as you tour the UK on a 24-hour art-fest

Marble Arch, London

8am Tour Starts.

London is home to some of Banksy’s most famous work. Some of his earliest pieces can be traced back to the capital. Your Banksy 24 in 24 hours tour starts in London as a local guide takes you on a walking tour on the winding streets of the big smoke. In the tunnel you’ll see the Rat on Tooley Street. Inspired by French graffiti artist Blek le Rat, Banksy began his career stencilling rats. Extinction Rebellion has marched through London, and you’ll visit Banksy’s work inspired by the group that are the most famous activist group in recent times. Other iconic works you’ll see include; Banksy Basquiat, Snorting Copper, and Falling Shopper.

The Great Spraycation, East Anglia

After pounding the pavements of London, you’ll depart on coach and head for the fresh seaside air of East Anglia. ‘The Great British Spraycation’ is Banksy’s most recent work, with the mysterious artist targeting some of the UKs most famous, yet deprived, coastal towns. Covering East Anglia from Cromer to Lowestoft, you’ll get a chance to see 10 of Banksy’s latest masterpieces. The rat in a deckchair drinking a cocktail, in Lowestoft, was controversially vandalised but the local expert guide will take you to the site, that is now protected. A stark reminder of the threat when the artist uses public sites as his canvas. This leg of the tour shows Banksy let loose, and you’ll also be treated to; The alteration of Frederick Savage, Skip Loving seagull, We're all in the same boat, Crowbar Sandcastle, Two Children on an inflatable boat, Bus Shelter Dancers, Tourist Grabber, Go big or go home Luxury Rentals Only. The swooping seagull eating giant chips out of well if the well positioned skip is a real highlight.

Banksy’s Birthplace, Bristol

Day 1 of the tour is almost complete. After immersing yourself in some of Banksy’s most popular works – that inspired this Contiki tour – you’ll head West across the UK where Banksy’s birthplace beckons. The artist was born in Bristol in 1974, and the story goes, he was just an ordinary kid on the streets with a can of spray paint in his hands. Naturally, the people of Bristol are immensely proud of their globally famous hometown artist, and some of Banksy’s most iconic work is in the city. On Day 2 of the tour, a local expert will walk you through the streets of Bristol where you’ll spot; Rose Trap, The Girl with a Pierced Eardrum, Mild Mild West and The Well Hung Lover. The latter, on Frogmore Street, is suitability provocative – a theme Banksy is strongly associated with.

Back to London, Stoke Newington, London

Back to London, Stoke Newington, London Keep those eyes open, as some of Banksy’s best work is still to come. The last leg of the tour takes you back to London, and Stoke Newington, in the East End. The local guide will take you to 5 sites that Banksy has unleashed the spray paint on. The publics interaction with the artist over the past two decades is imperfect, which is why this tour also shows you Banksy’s work that has been damaged and defaced. A change to gain an appreciation for the other side of the coin. One of the most famous paint jobs on a Banksy work is the Crazy Beat Royal Family, and you’ll be able to take this in as part of the walking tour. As the tour reaches its climax, you’ll also see; His Master’s Voice, Designated Graffiti Area, Yellow Lines Flower Painter, and Phone Tap. 8am Tour Finishes