The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is every bit as mythical and exotic as its reputation, with well-preserved archaeological sites and camels in the desert just a small fraction of what will leave you smitten by this country. Spend time getting acquainted with the artistic corners and shisha cafes of Amman before heading off to explore the natural wonders peppered across the country. The sparkling water of the Wadi Mujib chasm should be granted a full day of travel, as should the mineral rich healing waters of the Dead Sea. After floating under the Middle Eastern sun a break inside could be in order, best served in the form of the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts or the Aqaba Archaeological Museum. This should offer the perfect warm up to the country’s main calling card that is the archaeological masterpiece of the city of Petra; a New Wonder of the World with over 11,000 years of history within it. Towards the end of your time in Jordan a stint in a Bedouin Camp will cement your oneness with this culture, allowing you to sip tea under a blanket of stars and be dazzled by the beautiful simplicity of their nomadic way of life. And all the magic of Jordan is set to a banquet of delectable culinary delights, with even the simple street food dishes like shawarma meats are served with mouth-watering condiments pickles and tabbouleh salad. The cherry on top of your trip to Jordan will be one of the country’s culture-filled festivals, with Aqaba Traditional Arts Festival, Azraq Festival and the Amman International Theatre Festival all worth coordinating your trip with.

Language: Arabic
Currency: Jordanian dinar
Electricity: 230V
Visas: Click here to see if you need a visa to enter Jordan.
Dialling Code: +962
Time Zone: (GMT+03:00)

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