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1- Why should I choose a Contiki trip for my child?

As the world's leading youth travel operator, Contiki has been fulfilling the travel dreams of young people since 1962. With over 56 years' experience, parents can be confident that Contiki delivers hassle-free travel. Our travellers never have to worry about the detail – they can focus on making epic memories. 

2- Are my children going to be safe on their trip?

Our teams of professional Trip Managers and Drivers complete comprehensive training, and we have well-established relationships with our accommodation and transport suppliers, as well as a global network of contacts to ensure that our travellers are safe at all times. You can rest assured that your children are travelling with a family-run business which genuinely cares about its travellers.

3- Will I be able to phone my child?

Our Contiki coaches in Europe come equipped with free WiFi so our travellers can check in and connect with their family and friends during their travels.

We give each traveller 100MB of free data before their trip starts. They can simply log in and top up online using a credit card.

 We also have free WiFi at all of our Contiki accommodation providers throughout Europe, to ensure our travellers are connected throughout their trip.

4- What time will they get on the coach each day?

On average, our travellers board the coach at 8am.

5- How much money will I have to give my child to spend each day?

The amount of spending money will depend on the duration of the trip, the region to which your child is travelling (for instance Europe and Australia will be significantly more expensive than Asia, or Latin America), and how much you anticipate they will spend on personal expenses like alcohol or shopping. Before you travel, it’s also a good idea to research the Free Time Add-Ons you think your child will want to do on the trip, as these will form part of your overall budget. We’d advise doing some research on your chosen destinations beforehand, looking at things like: 

  • Cost of a local lunch
  • Cost of a local dinner
  • Cost of a bottle of water
  • Cost of a beer
  • Cost of an ice cream
  • Cost of entry to a sightseeing spot

We also suggest bringing some cash in the local currency and then using a debit or credit card to withdraw money along the way (don’t forget to let your bank know they will be travelling, otherwise they may freeze the account due to foreign currency expenditure). Cash cards like Travelex are also a good option if you want to reduce conversion fees.

6- Please tell me more about the Trip Managers

Our people are what makes us, us. Highly trained, professional, always up for a good time and with a knowledge of Europe so vast it will make your eyes water, they're the secret sauce to our already winning formula.

 In 2017, we received over 900 applicants in 2017, and after training, only 35 trip managers graduate. They spend 67 days of the full training trip, learn about 25 countries, write over 41 essays during the training process, learn 60 major destinations in-depth, write a 30,000 word final essay and attend 20-minute speciality talks every day on pop culture, local life, food, art and architecture. They really are the best in the business.

7- What team members are there to assist if something goes wrong?

From the Trip Manager, Driver, Chefs, On-site Teams, and boat skippers, our crew ensures that our travellers have the best experience possible and are available to help in the unlikely event of an emergency. Remember, we also offer Gold Seal protection, so if your child has to leave the trip early for personal reasons, Gold Seal will refund you R750 for each day that your child misses and also covers their air ticket costs. For more information, call us on 011 280 8481.

8- With whom will my child be sharing accommodation?

For each trip, our Trip Manager will assign each member of the group to a room, and this will be the rooming formation for the duration of the trip. If for any reason your child wants to switch rooms, they'll need to put this request to their Trip Manager. If you are 2 children or a group of friends, they will be roomed together.

9- What are the most common questions you get from your travellers?

You can view our most frequently asked questions from travellers here.

10- How can I book the trip?

You can either book online, or call us at 011 280 8481.