One of the amazing 7 Wonders of the World, the city of Petra is a sight to behold. Get excited to go within the city walls and dig up the secrets of this ancient city!

Your journey starts at the Bab As-Siq. This impressive gate is carved into the face of a giant rock, and you have to walk under its arch to enter the Siq itself. This narrow, kilometre-long passageway is surrounded by tall stone walls. Marvel as different shades are revealed to you through the stone. Keep your eyes peeled to notice different carvings and votive niches inside the Siq! 

At the end of your walk, step out into the inner city, where you’ll be greeted by the Al-Khazneh. Known as the Treasury, this building is the most beautiful and well-preserved in the city. Check out its incredible architecture, which is a unique mix of Greek and Nabataean styles. Take a moment to note the colour of the stone: when you pass it on your way out of the city, it’s sure to have changed hue with the setting of the sun.

With so many things to do in Petra, it’s easy to spend days getting familiar with all the buildings of this archaeological site, as well as talking to the local Petra guides about the city’s fascinating history. Our suggestions? Take some time to stroll down the Colonnaded Street, which was once the liveliest street in the city, or snap a selfie in front of the stunning Royal Tombs. If you love a good vista, trek it up to Al-Deir, the Monastery of Petra. Here, you’ll find the best view of the city.

After a solid day of exploring, you’re sure to have worked up an appetite. With so many amazing restaurants at your fingertips, you’ll never go hungry in Petra. From Jordanian staples like falafel and mansaf, take the opportunity to try the unique Bedouin cuisine. Our suggestion? Hit up some lamb zarb. There’s no better way to wind up an incredible day at Petra Jordan.

Language: Arabic
Currency: Jordanian dinar
Electricity: 230V
Visas: Click here to see if you need a visa to enter Jordan.
Dialling Code: +962
Time Zone: (GMT+03:00)

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