Simmer down the Southern Cone and visit Buenos Aires, the saucy capital of Argentina. The fourth most populated metropolitan area on the continent of America - trumped only by New York, Mexico City and Sao Paulo - you can expect to join a hive of multicultural activity, where various languages are flipped around casually and all walks of life go about their business harmoniously, in a rather insouciant fashion. Except on the occasion that the Boca Juniors have taken to a football field, of course, in which case Argentinians ignite into a mood of passion and fury. 48 barrios (neighbourhoods) make up the city of Buenos Aires, many of which hold their own distinct character and offering. Step through the streets of La Boca and you’ll find brightly coloured homes, low-class charm and a unique Italian influence. Move on to San Telmo for antique stores and tango in the streets, before winding your way to the Puerto Madero Waterfront for a spin at the casino and feast of vino tinto (red wine) and steak of bife de costilla. Art enthusiasts will find immense inspiration in the streets of Buenos, if not in the outdoor spaces, in the walls of its many galleries, like Fundación Proa, MALBA, and the Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art. Those less inclined to soak up the arts will fight inspiration in other corners of the city, namely its sweet stores where Dulce de leche caramels and alfajores cookies await. The connotation of Argentina might be a man on horseback in an empty field of Patagonia, but a trip to Buenos Aires should quickly rewire your thoughts to something far more cosmopolitan.


Language: Spanish
Currency: Argentine peso
Electricity: 220V
Visas: Click here to see if you need a visa to enter Argentina.
Dialling Code: +54
Time Zone: (GMT -03:00)


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