When you book a trip with us, you don’t just get seamless transport, amazing accommodation and expert guides - you also get our Flexibility Promise. This is our commitment to giving you complete financial security and flexibility, so you never have to worry about changing your mind or adjusting your plans.

*(when amended or cancelled up to 60 days prior to departure)

Easy ways to pay - peace of mind guaranteed

Pay over time, no interest, no fees, no catch

We make it easy to pay your way. All you need to do is pay a small deposit to lock your place on the trip, then you can pay the rest in as many installments as you like. Want to pay monthly installments? Or in 3 big chunks? It’s completely up to you. All you have to do is pay in full at least 60 days before your trip departs. Easy. What’s more? With our Rand Price Guarantee, you can be rest assured that once you’ve paid your deposit, your trip price will not change despite currency fluctuations.

TTC Peace of Mind

We’re proud to be a part of the Travel Corporation, a family of brands with over 100 years of experience across the world - always run by the same family across four generations. Their heritage, customer care and commitment to service means you can always have peace of mind when booking with us. TTC is privately owned and remains financially strong, so you can rest assured your money is always safe.

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What does a flexible deposit mean?

FlexDeposit is a policy you automatically get once you’ve paid a deposit on any Contiki trip 7 days or longer. It means that if you need to cancel or change your trip for any reason you won’t lose the deposit paid, as long as it is at least 60 days before your trip departure. Your deposit will remain secure until you’re ready to use it on new trip dates or on a different trip.

FlexDeposit can be used up until your 36th birthday, after which time it can then be transferred for use with any other travel brand within The Travel Corporation family of brands. It can also be gifted to a friend within 5 years of the original booking date.

What Gold Seal Protection is?

Contiki’s Gold Seal Protection (GSP) plan costs only NZ$99 per person (payable with your deposit only & non refundable) and includes:

Pre-Departure Cancellation: GSP allows you to cancel your Contiki trip for any reason without penalty prior to 30 days from your New Zealand departure date (or 30 days prior to your trip departure if travelling in New Zealand).

If no Force Majeure Event* has occurred when you cancel, the value of your Contiki trip pre-payment** will be refunded; or

If a Force Majeure Event* does occur causing you to cancel, the Contiki trip pre-payment ** will be converted to a Future Travel Credit (FTC) of the same value. The FTC may be redeemed against the cost of a new trip provided by Contiki or one of our Travel Corporation sister brands, departing at any time within 24 months of your cancellation but is not redeemable for cash. If the new trip or departure is more expensive than the FTC you are responsible for the difference in price; if the new trip or departure is less expensive than the FTC, a new FTC will be issued for the difference.

Airline travel costs and any related cancellation or rebooking costs are not covered by the GSP plan.

Please note that the Gold Seal Protection plan cost is not refundable for any reason. Travel Agent fees and cancellation costs may apply.

On Your Trip – Should you, or your travel companion, leave at any time during the trip due to personal illness or injury; or be required to return to New Zealand due to the serious injury, illness or death of an immediate family member^:

a) you and your companion will be refunded up to NZ$90 per person per day for the unused portion of the itinerary (in some cases hotels require a one-night cancellation fee).

b) Contiki will pay the additional cost of airline travel for earlier or later return to New Zealand in the same class of air travel on the first available flight, provided you hold round-trip tickets on Contiki’s recommended airline(s) booked through Contiki from New Zealand.

A medical certificate is required to qualify for this trip interruption and return flight security provision.

Prior to departure from New Zealand your airfares are not covered by GSP. We recommend you take out Covermore Travel Insurance specifically covering the value of your airfares should you cancel your trip (Please review Covermore terms and conditions around cancellation cover). We are happy to help you with arranging that travel insurance. Any rebooking costs of airfares prior to departure are not covered by GSP.

*Force Majeure Event – means any event or circumstance beyond Contiki’s control, including but not limited to: an act of God (such as earthquake, flood, fire, explosion, landslide, lightening, action of the elements, force of nature, washout, typhoon, hurricane, tsunami, storm or storm warning or natural disaster);industrial disputes, work ban or other labour dispute or difficulty; acts of terrorism, political unrest, war or threat of war, riots or civil strife; closure of airports or ports; pandemic, epidemic or health risk; governmental and administrative actions (including closure of borders and travel warning and restrictions).

**Contiki trip pre-payment – means all monies paid to Contiki in respect of land arrangements only.

^Immediate Family – means a parent, sibling or child.

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