The perfect trip in 10 simple steps

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1: Find your trip

Can’t decide? Check out our popular trips

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2: Choose your trip type

Summer or winter? With 18-22s or 27-35s? There's plenty of choice here

Add Home Work (1)

3: Wanna add some extra days?

We can arrange accommodation a few days before/after the start/end of your trip

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4: Secure your spot with a $200 deposit

You can change your trip date (or your trip itself) up to 60 days before you go

Credit Score

5: Choose how you pay in full

Set up a direct debit, or pay manually in as many instalments as you like


6: Book your flights

Once your booking is 100% confirmed, it’s time to make your travel arrangements


7: Log in to My Contiki

AKA, the online portal where you’ll find all your travel docs and info


8: Connect with other travellers

Get tips, reccos and inspo from our online community using the Facebook Contiki Travel Lounge

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Step 9: Connect with other travellers

30 days before you go, you can start chatting with the rest of your group on My Contiki

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10: Meet us out there 

That’s right. The details are all planned by us so all you gotta do is show up

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