Back in the summer of ‘62

a group of young people in London were short on cash but high on a dream. A dream to see as much of Europe as possible and make the kind of memories that’d stay with them forever. A dash of bravado, a deposit on a twelve-seater minibus and an advert on a noticeboard later, they'd found the solution. The very first Contiki trip was born.

Photo on Tottenham Court Station

That summer went down in history

stories became legend the very moment they were written. So, when the Spring of 1963 came around they advertised the trip again. Realising they'd stumbled upon something special, by ’66 Contiki Travel Limited was incorporated in the UK.

retro image venezia

By the end of the 60’s

we were running ski programmes, embarking to the Middle East and even exploring India and Africa.

In the mid-eighties we took the next step

becoming part of the Travel Corporation and joining an awesome group of global travel brands in the process. TTC remains a family owned and run clan of brands driven by excellent service, values we’ll always uphold.

TTC Logo

Today, we have 350+ unique trips over 6 continents

helping travellers write the kinds of stories those young explorers wrote all the way back in ‘62.

Smiling tourists posing for a photo

As well as offering unique travel experiences, now, more than ever, we’re committed to sustainable tourism. Contiki Cares is all about giving back, and in partnership with the TreadRight Foundation we’re determined to have a positive impact on the people and communities we visit, protect wildlife and marine life, and care for the planet we call home.