Beautiful temples, amazing food, and its very own Pokémon Centre: Osaka is the Japanese adventure you’ve been dreaming of.

As the former capital of Japan, this ancient city is jam-packed with historical attractions. Discover some of the people and events that made Osaka what it is at some of the city’s best museums. Learn about the Edo and Showa periods of Japanese history at the Osaka Museum of History, before uncovering more about its ancient civilisation at the National Museum of Ethnology. Feel like you’ve walked back in time – or at least, onto a film set – as you explore the recreation of Osaka’s ancient streets at the Osaka Museum of Housing and Living.

As a city that’s still very much in touch with its ancient spiritualties, visit some of Osaka’s most significant religious sites. At Shitennoji Temple, Japan’s first-ever Buddhist Temple, you’ll notice the Chinese influence in its architecture. Contrast this style with that of the Osaka Castle, whose triangular façade and cherry blossom-filled grounds are quintessentially Japanese.

Try to align your visit to Osaka with one of the city’s colourful festivals. One of the highlights of the Osakan calendar is the Tenjin Matsuri summer festival, where you can catch eclectic floats during this massive parade. Also, check out the Sumiyoshi purification Festival, where you can jump through grass hoops to cleanse yourself like the locals.

Soak up some of Osaka’s natural beauty at the Minoo National Park, where you can sample one of the city’s favourite Autumn snacks: deep-fried maple leaves. If you’re after more substantial Japanese food, you’ll be spoilt for choice with Osaka’s culinary scene. Home to some of the best meat dishes in the country, experience traditional yakiniku-style barbeque or chow down on plates of yakitori skewers. If seafood is more your jam, you’ll be impressed with the quality of Kuromon Ichiba Market, where the fish is practically scooped out of the water and onto your plate.

With culture, food and fun, bite off more than you can chew in amazing Osaka Japan.


Language: Japanese
Currency: Japanese Yen
Electricity: 100V
Visas: Click here to see if you need a visa to enter Japan.
Dialling Code: +81
Time Zone: (GMT+09:00)

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