The capital of Belgium doesn't need much of a sales pitch to travellers. Not once you remind them it's the home of the waffle and a hub of decadent chocolate. But Brussels will prove an incredible holiday even for those with a savoury palate, offering a joyous culture that's even present in ancient monuments. Nowhere is this more evident that the city's bronze statue of Manneken Pis, a 61 centimetre weeing boy that's often dressed in costume to honour sporting events, special visitors and moments in time. From the UNESCO Grand Place to the otherworldly Atomium building, there's a full spectrum of architecture to observe here. After long days learning of European parliament in a 'sexy way' and admiring the philosophical gardens of Erasmus House, you'll probably have worked up a thirst for a sample of Kwak Beer. With many locals switching casually between Dutch, French and English, you can be assured you're in a region that's multicultural and easy to navigate. Even attending one of the city's many great festivals should see you feeling at one with Belgian folk. From the annual Belgian Pride parade to Anima Festival celebrating animation films, not to mention the Nuit Blanche in which arts and culture reclaim the city for one night each October; the festival calendar of Brussels is one to spend some time considering before you book your trip. Put the Meunier Museum of fine arts and the Fashion and Lace Museum high on your list of Brussels attractions to visit. Then a waffle making class is all that's needed to complete your trip.

Language: Dutch, French
Currency: Euro
Electricity: 220V
Visas: Click here to see if you need a visa to enter Belgium.
Dialing Code: +32
Time Zone: (GMT +01:00 / CEST)

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