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A quintessential Contiki trip! A perfect mix of experiencing culture, tasting food and bathing in the sun with heaps of night life. 2 days on each island gave enough time to explore and rest up. Highly recommend as anyone’s first Contiki! 

- Nikita Wolfgang, Greek Island Hopping

The Spotlight on Greece trip was excellent. The trip manager made the group bond and had a lot of fun with us. The tour guides were experts in their areas and provided a lot of context for the sights we went to. The group, of course, was a good group of people that will be life-long friends. [...] 

- Dillon DeBoer, Spotlight on Greece


Greek islands were absolutely beautiful! Lizzie was a fantastic trip manager and her recommendations are awesome! Had the best trip ever!!! 


- Mikayla Shirreff, Greek Island Hopping 

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Frequently asked questions about Greece

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When is the best time to visit Greece?

Greece is wonderful all year round, but the best time to visit will depend on what you’re looking for. Blazing sun and the buzz of cities (and islands) in full swing? Go during July or August. More of a chilled vibe, with fewer tourists? May or September will see you right. Taking huge hikes or just wanna live like a local? Go during the winter months for cheaper accommodation and flights.  

Do I need a visa to travel to Greece?

This will depend on your country of origin. Luckily for you, we made a helpful guide that’ll tell you everything you need to know.  


What is the currency used in Greece?

That’d be the Euro, which replaced the Drachma back in 2002.  

What should I pack for a trip to Greece?

It depends on where you’re going and what you plan to do there, and probably the time of year too. That said, you can’t go wrong with bringing:  

  • Swimwear  
  • Walking shoes 
  • Sunglasses 
  • Sunscreen  
  • Insect repellent  
  • A camera  

What is the best way to tour Greece?

With local guides, legendary Trip Managers and drivers too. With all the best and most outstanding experiences cherry-picked by travel experts. With a friendly squad of 18-35s from around the world. With the social travel experts. See where we’re going with this? Yup. The best way to tour Greece = Contiki.  

What is ATM access like in Greece?

You should find ATMs pretty easily in the major cities, but they may be trickier to come by in more remote or rural areas. Want our advice? Keep a wad of emergency cash in your pocket, just in case.  

Is it customary to tip in Greece?

Tipping isn’t especially common among the locals but for tourists, it’s considered normal to leave a tip of around 10-15% in a restaurant.  

Is tap water safe to drink in Greece?

In mainland Greece, the tap water is generally safe to drink. On the islands however, you may prefer to find alternatives.  

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