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Best Greek Islands for young adults

Greek Islands for young adults

If the travel industry worked in the same way the music industry does, the Greek Islands would always be at the top of the charts. An undefeated champion of summer vacations, Greece is one of the dreamiest travel destinations and one of the popular ones – and for very good reasons. 

It has a little something for everyone whether you like history and culture or good food and partying ‘til the sun goes down. But which are the best Greek Islands for young adults? For those visiting the Aegean coast for the first time and are hunting for pure good vibes? We’re sort of Greek Island hopping experts if we do say so ourselves, so you’ve come to the right place as we have ALL the answers for you! And if you need a more in-depth Island Hopping guide, we’ve also got you covered.

Greece has 6,000 islands (wow!), and of those 227 are inhabited, which makes picking the best island to visit a difficult task. But some definitely get more love than others simply because they’re better known. With Contiki, you’ll get to travel to four stunning locations: Santorini, Mykonos, Paros, and Ios (more on those soon).

The most popular and best Greek Islands for young adults are probably Mykonos and Ios because they’re well known for their vibrant party scenes and pristine beach clubs, making them two of the most fun islands to visit! But let’s not forget the jaw-dropping beauty of Corfu, Santorini, Naxos, and so many more. Ultimately, our advice is no matter where you end up in the Greek Islands, make sure you visit the neighbouring islands as well for a true taste of the Aegean Sea! So why not travel with Contiki then extend your trip to do more?

Greek Islands for young adults

Image source:Contiki

What is there to do in the Greek Islands?

The better question is what isn’t there to do? Boat trips out into seas that look like they’ve been cut directly from sapphires. Lounging on the deck, soaking up the sun, diving under the surface. Day trips around the islands to different beaches and white and blue towns, getting a taste of the BEST olives ever and gorging yourself on Greek salad and Tzatziki of course.

What else? Oh yeah! Visiting archaeological sites, some depicting important monuments of Greek mythology. Try local bakes and make your very own crafts, discover idyllic fishing towns that dot the shores. And, of course, gawking at the honey-coloured sunsets and dancing with your friends until your feet fall off. 

This makes the Greek Islands an ideal destination for young adults, and you can do all of the above (and so much more) with Contiki! 

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Dominic Oliver
by Dominic Oliver Oct 04, 2022

Which Greek Island has the best nightlife?

We can’t possibly discuss partying on the Greek Islands without mentioning Mykonos. Nightlife is what Mykonos is known for, and thousands of tourists a year flock to it to experience just that. Poolside lounges and cocktail bars, sparkly clubs, and beaches dedicated to the party space – you can’t go wrong here. In fact, our Greek Island Hopping trip will score you a 2-night stay at Paradise Beach so you can party all day long!

Other strong nightlife contenders include Corfu and Zante (also known as Zakynthos). Zante is the perfect place for spring breakers to sway to the rhythm of the music at one of many pool parties, and travellers can also dance off into the sunset aboard the famous VVIP Yacht. Corfu is just as iconic with so many bars, restaurants, and clubs to choose from, and just as many beaches decorated with fairy-lights waiting for you to hit the dance floor. 

There’s always something on, making these 3 some of the best Greek Islands for young adults!

Greek Islands for young adults

Image source:Contiki

Which Greek island is best for people in their late 20s?

There’s no age limit on travel and fun! But that being said, now that you’re a real adult, maybe hanging out with a bunch of fresh school and university graduates isn’t your crowd. We get that, and rest assured there are plenty of Greek Islands for young adults wanting to take things slow during the day (and still let loose in the night!).

Andros, the second largest Cycladic Island, is one of the quieter locations and is perfect for those who want to enjoy their time in the sun in peace. Blessed with lots of greenery and beautiful hiking trails, this island has a lot to offer (and typically sees fewer tourists).

The Sporades islands are also ideal! They’re a large group in the Aegean Sea and most of them are uninhabited. With white rock faces, aquamarine seas, and verdant trees these islands make for an absolutely STUNNING getaway. Not to mention that these islands are home to dolphins and seals – OMG!

I know we listed Corfu as part of the party islands above, but it’s not just that. Corfu is part of the Ionian islands, sitting in a different sea than the rest, and interestingly Corfu has an old town with Renaissance, baroque, and classical architecture! It’s also home to many 15th and 16th century structures, like the Old Fortress, and it also has many art museums including the Museum of Asian Art! So, if you get sick of partying, you’ve got plenty of culture to discover. 

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Greek Island Hopping 101: short beginner’s guide

Laura Condrut
by Laura Condrut Jan 15, 2024

Are Greek Islands only for partying?

Though we’ve talked a lot about nightlife, it’s safe to say that the Greek Islands are not exclusively a party destination, and if you’re not about that life then no worries! 

Greece is a country filled with vast and deep history, and whether you want to retrace Plato and Aristotle’s footsteps, cultivate some knowledge about ancient mythologies, or just generally absorb the country’s history and culture, the islands can give you that! Perhaps the island most steeped in history is Rhodes, closely followed by Crete and Corfu. 

Once home to the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Rhodes has many historical ruins to visit, and the Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, marking it as a very special location indeed. 

If you’re after adventure, then the islands are perfect as well! I mean, you’re surrounded by the ocean, so bring on the watersports! Snorkelling, diving, water skiing, etc. you can get your fill of adrenaline and wonder here. The islands are also quite hilly, so there are plenty of hikes on offer, and for a really cool day out, why not hike up to the top of Santorini’s dormant volcano?

And if you simply want to relax, well, all the islands are good for that seeing as they’re each a paradise in their own right.

Greek food

Image source:Contiki

Which Greek Island is the cheapest?

Let’s face it, none of us are raking in the cash (if you are, spare me some?), but that’s okay because the REAL currency is the friends we make along the way and the amazing experiences we get to remember forever! Still, a girl’s gotta eat…

Some of the cheaper Greek Island options include Naxos, Kos, Rhodes, and Zante (surprisingly), if you know where to look, and plenty others can be made easily affordable if you do your research beforehand, such as: Crete, Ios, and Santorini.

When travelling through the Greek Islands, the bulk of your costs are going to come from the frequent travel and the change from hotel to hotel which means you may miss out on certain accommodation deals. But… If you travel with Contiki, we’ll take you around the glittering seas and take care of all those nasty fees for you! 

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Greek food guide: Everything you need to taste on your next trip

Ashlie Went
by Ashlie Went Jul 26, 2022

How can I travel to the Greek islands?

By boat! Kind of a no-brainer, but your main mode of transport during your Greek Island hopping adventure will be aboard many ferries slashing through the sea from one island to the next. In terms of getting to Greece, you can fly into Athens from most major cities around the globe, and that’s where your Contiki trip will start and end! So we’ll meet you there.

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