Why visit Italy with Contiki?

All transport included

Bikes in Tuscany. Trains to Cinque Terre. Cruises in Venice. Ferries at the Amalfi Coast. And of course, coaches too. You name it - we’ve got it on our Italy trips for 18-35s. 

Eclectic experiences

From making your own leather belt and anti-mafia walking tours, to visiting Juliet’s  Balcony and even a local lemon farm - this is Italy like never before!

It’s cheaper

Italy with Contiki is over 20% cheaper than going alone (like for like). Plus, you’ll get the invaluable expertise of our awesome Trip Managers too.


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Italy tour reviews

I had the absolute best time on my Simply Italy Contiki trip! We saw so many cool cities and places; truly hit all the highlights of Italy! [...] 

- LaBreanna Summers, Simply Italy 

The trip itself and the itinerary was amazing! Such a good trip that covered a huge portion of Italy in 10 days. Our trip manager Jake was fun, informative and super helpful - great with communication. Would definitely recommend to any solo traveller or just people wanting to meet others in a fun fast paced environment. 

- Seane Gifford, Italian Espresso 

I had such an amazing time on my tour of Sicily! I would recommend to any young person wanting to travel, explore, get a taste of southern Italy, make memories and meet new ppl! 


- Patty, Real Sicily 

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Frequently asked questions about Italy

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Do I need a visa to travel to Italy?

Your visa requirements can change according to your citizenship (and also according to the length and purpose of your visit). We always recommend that you check out our visa guide for more information. 

What is the currency used in Italy?

The currency (that’ll get you some luscious pasta) in Italy is Euro.  

When is the best time to visit Italy?

Italy is magical all year round. So, the best time to visit depends on what you wanna do. Summer in Italy is what dreams are made of. Long sunny days. Spoonfuls of Gelato. Soothing gondola rides – there's nothing better.  

Between September and November is harvest season in Italy - perfect for the foodies among us. Winter (December to March) brings cool weather, stunning Christmas markets and of course, skiing in the Alps & Dolomites! And Spring is great if you prefer fewer crowds and blooming landscapes.  

What should I pack for a trip to Italy?

Your passport, of course! But some other essentials would be:  

- Comfortable shoes: There’s gonna be a lot of walking around  

- Modest clothing: If you’re planning on visiting religious sites 

- Crossbody bags: To carry all your stuff when you’re licking away that gelato 
- Sun protection: Including sunscreen and a hat (your skin will thank you!)  


And the rest would depend on which season you’re arriving in Italy. Get loose, breathable clothes for summer, and thick jackets and multiple layers for winter.  

How many days should I spend in Italy?

There’s a lot to be explored in Italy - breathtaking beaches, luxurious vineyards, and even historical hotspots. Ideally, between 10-20 days are enough to check out the best of Italy. And guess what? That’s exactly how long our trips are.  

Is it safe to drink tap water in Italy?

Generally, tap water is safe to drink in Italy. But it’s always a good idea to double check with your Trip Manager if you’re doubtful! 

What is ATM access like in Italy?

Pretty good. ATMs are usually easily accessible in bigger cities and tourist hotspots. But if you’re planning to get off the beaten path – carrying some cash with you isn’t a bad idea.  

Can I pay by card in Italy?

Yup. Most restaurants and shops accept payments by card in Italy. But cash can be handy for smaller purchases in remote areas.  

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