Nestled on the border of France you'll find the great Swiss city of Geneva, where myriad cultures blend happily together to a backdrop of breathtaking mountain scenery. The first step in getting acquainted with Geneva could be a walk through Bastions park, where spring days see giant games of chess played beside blooming magnolia trees, and which the winter transforms to an ice-skating wonderland. Next would be a stroll past the ferry station and down the Promenade du Lac, before exploring the Old Town's hidden alleys and historic buildings. When the mountains call one can choose to hike or cable car to the top of Mont Salève, where clear days give vistas to Mont Blanc. After all this sightseeing, something more relaxing may be in order. Perhaps a cheese fondue and rosti fritter of fried potatoes will be called for. But it will be the sea snails and tandoori smoke cloud salmon that will truly round out your culinary adventures in Geneva. A visit to the Patek Philippe Museum will walk you through the history of keeping time, a fun addition to your sightseeing not nearly as essential as Palais des Nations, the second most important United Nations building in the world. Savvy travellers will time their visit with Geneva's Antigel Festival, which sees music performances, club nights, arts, dance, performances, record fairs and roller-discos taking over the city. Often referred to as the world peace capital, Geneva is so much more than the second populist city of Switzerland. It's a place that will prove one city can indeed have everything.


Language: French, German, Italian
Currency: Swiss Franc
Electricity: 220V
Visas: Click here to see if you need a visa to enter Switzerland.
Dialling Code: +41
Time Zone: (GMT +01:00 / CEST)


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