Are you looking for an adventurous tour of Germany? Or not sure what to uncover on your travel to Germany? Contiki will support you so you can discover the full extent of what wonderful Germany has to offer. Home to some of Europe's great cities and possessing an intoxicating mix of rich history and next level modernity. Tour the architectural riches of Munich, get stuck into the legendary Berlin nightlife or sink a few steins at one of the many German beer festivals.

Language: German
Currency: Euro
Electricity: 220v - 240v
Visas: Click here to see if you need a visa to enter Germany.
Dialing Code: +49
Time Zone: (GMT+01:00)

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What To Pack?

Camera - There’s a lot to see in Germany, so bring a good camera, or at the very least make sure there’s plenty of storage space on your phone.

Alka Seltzer - Whether it’s the hearty cuisine or the country’s 5000-plus beers, you’ll probably need them.

Comfortable walking shoes
 - From checking out the many museums and attractions by day to partying into the wee hours in Berlin clubs, you're going to spend a lot of time on your feet.

Travel adapter & voltage converter - Appliances with built in transformers (e.g. Apple laptop power) are fine with European voltage, but plugging your 120V hairdryer into 240V will not end well! European hotels often have a 120V outlet, but be sure to check first. A voltage converter will come in handy, and a travel adapter plug is an essential for European style sockets.

German phrasebook - English is spoken very widely in Germany, but as with any foreign country people will appreciate it if you at least attempt to speak their language. A little effort goes a long way!

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