The southwest corner of Europe claims two of the most relaxing, cultural and beautiful European countries, Portugal and Spain, and it’s fair to say these two have a lot going for them. Trips to Spain and Portugal will see you visiting some of the most picturesque and sophisticated cities around, including the likes of Lisbon, Segovia, Seville, San Sebastián, Valencia, Bilbao, Barcelona and Granada. And the best bit? Every single one of these cities is entirely unique and different to the next, so you’ll always feel like you’re discovering something new.

Visiting the capital of Portugal, Lisbon, you’ll be instantly romanced by the architecture of the city, the colourful tiles and doors the crowning glory of this European favourite. The Alfama district or the iconic Cristo Rei are both favourites, but this is a city best explored by foot or tram and our best advice? Just get lost. By night, the city transforms into one of the greatest party capitals on the continent, with bohemian bars, trendy rooftops and beach clubs all offering after dark fun. If you fancy travelling a little out of the city, the towns of Cascais and Sintra have plenty to offer and are just a short train ride from the city centre.

Spain more your scene? Barcelona is renowned for its Gaudi architectural excellence and buzzing nightlife, whilst Bilbao is all about sophistication, fine dining and incredible landscapes. If it’s epic palaces you’re looking to explore, we imagine the fusion of cultural architecture at Granada’s Alhambra Palace will do just the job, or maybe head on over to Segovia where one of the best-preserved elevated Roman aqueducts of all time awaits. Wherever you travel in Spain, there’s one thing all of these cities have in common - dishing u[ some of the most incredible food your tastebuds will ever experience. For a serving of traditional paella, a Valencia tour is your go to. Looking to lounge out on the streets whilst feasting on tapas with your friends? With some of the best tapas spots around, Seville is always your answer. More of a sweet tooth? Hop the border to Portugal for a taste of their iconic sweet treat, the pastel de natas.

Whether you're looking for a coastal retreat to lay back and relax, a city brimming with culture to get stuck into, some of the best party spots and festivals around or some iconic sights to tick off your bucket list, a tour of the Iberia region offers it all and more.

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