A Singapore tour package is all the chaos, colour and flavour of South East Asia, paired with the sleek, stylish modernity of London or New York. A hotbed of different cultures, languages, backgrounds and the famed nightlife of Marina Bay, Singapore is fast becoming Asia’s must-visit destination and boasts everything you could want in a city, but with a distinctly Asian twist. From the historical allure of Thian Hock Keng Temple, the oldest temple in Singapore, to the modern metropolis of shopping options, you’ll find everything your heart desires here, be it haute-couture, your favourite high street brands, or authentic Asian textiles and fabrics. We know one thing, a Singapore trip will ensure everyone's tastes are met, and everyone’s interests are catered for.

Singapore sets itself apart from the rest with a totally unique approach to nature. A sightseeing tour will get you face to face with its ‘green skyscrapers’. The city’s eco-friendly policies are reflected in its uniquely futuristic architecture, which could easily be mistaken for greenhouses rather than offices. Get up close and personal with wildlife with an unusual glimpse into the nocturnal animal kingdom on a Singapore Night Safari, or visit the UNESCO World Heritage site The Botanical Gardens, with the famous Supertree structures offering an impressive skywalk over the gorgeous gardens.

The one thing Singaporeans have got down to a T? The cuisine. Your nose will likely scope out the nearest food market before you do, and as soon as your eyes hit the Asian-infused delicacies, you’ll delve right in. From cheap eats such as world-renowned Singapore noodles and laksa, to the wanton mee sold by food vendors in Chinatown, those no shortage of foodie adventures to be had here. At every turn you’ll be all but bombarded with the tastiest treats, sweetest coffee and flamboyant displays of public cooking that give food porn a whole new meaning.

Singapore is where you go if you simply can’t decide which Asian country to go to, so you fancy a little taste of them all. No matter what your interests are, you’ll likely find a whole community of co-enthusiasts and like-minded people to make friends with. A Singapore trip will show you a different side to Asia, and to city life itself.


Language: Mandarin, English, Tamil, Malay
Currency: Singapore Dollar
Electricity: 230V
Visas: Click here to see if you need a visa to enter Singapore.
Dialling Code: +65
Time Zone: (GMT +08:00)

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