Scotland's capital can be found in the humble streets that tumble around the imposing Edinburgh Castle, sprawling towards the North Sea that separates the United Kingdom from mainland Europe. Here in this unassuming pocket sits a city begging to be uncovered, lacking in pretension and bursting with personality and charm. With all the hallmarks of an elegant European city and an abundance of the homely warmth expected from the Scottish, not even the long harsh winter should scare you off visiting the city of Edinburgh. In Spring the days might be spent walking arches of cherry blossom trees in The Meadows, whilst Summer could see you enjoying the Jazz and Blues Festival amidst a sea of locals. No matter the time of year you can expect a whisky or two to be consumed, often much needed to numb the fear of sampling some of Scotland's local delicacies. First on the list will be haggis of sheep's stomach filled with onions and oatmeal, followed closely by black pudding, a pork blood sausage mixed with cereal and animal fat. Once you've proved yourself chewing through those two dishes, you can reward yourself with the buttery sweet of Scottish tablet and a traditional Fish supper. A climb to the top of Calton Hill and the Scottish National Portrait Gallery should always be on the to-do list. But the true way to immerse yourself in this city is to sit in a pub and get acquainted with locals by attempting a few words in Gaelic.


Language: English
Currency: Pound Sterling
Electricity: 230V
Visas: Click here to see if you need a visa to enter Scotland.
Dialling Code: +44
Time Zone: GMT


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