The Contiki App

The Contiki App is the best way to get to know who you’ll be travelling with on your unforgettable Contiki adventure. It also has your essential travel tools like daily itinerary and weather updates right at your fingertips! Here’s how it works...



Add a trip

Created just for you, our travellers

You need to book a Contiki trip, then enter your trip’s booking number. Simple!

Add a trip


Stalk & talk – MeetUps!

Stalk & talk – MeetUps!

This is the fun part – meeting your new friends! MeetUps is where you can start chatting & getting to know your travel buddies so that you’re already best pals by Day 1!
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Your daily essentials

Your daily essentials

The fun and banter continues while you’re all out on the road! You’ll also be prepared for the day ahead with the app’s Weather & Itinerary feature.

Your daily essentials

Contiki App for Android

Download and install

Having trouble? Please try installing with the native Android browser (as opposed to Chrome.) If this fails then you can try an Android file manager

Download an Android file manager



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