Your commitment to traveling with Contiki

Traveling with Contiki is about embracing local cultures, living authentic experiences and forging incredible friendships. But bringing our travelers on an adventure of a lifetime isn’t possible unless we all show respect for the places we visit and for one another.

We pride ourselves on offering travelers freedom on all of our trips, but these rules don’t bend:

Contiki has a Zero Tolerance Policy to the following acts and reserves the right to terminate your trip on the grounds of the following behaviour:

Drugs: Possession and use of recreational drugs and illegal substances at Contiki properties and on our Coaches and other private transport is strictly prohibited and will result in the immediate removal from trip - no exceptions, ever.

Alcohol: Excess alcohol consumption that puts travelers and crew at risk is grounds for removal from the trip. Drink responsibly and look after yourself.

Abusive behaviour: Under no circumstances will physical violence of any type be tolerated on our trips or within any Contiki facility.

Verbal Abuse: Contiki will not tolerate travelers that use abusive language or make gestures that could be disrespectful or threatening. Inappropriate conduct that affects those around you, whether a fellow traveler, Contiki Representative or business partner is unacceptable.


Any threats to safety, well-being or inappropriate behaviour may lead to the immediate termination of a traveler's trip. Travelers removed from a trip for failure to comply to the Contiki Traveler Code of Conduct are responsible for repatriation and related costs and have no claims against Contiki.

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