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USA and Canada Trip and Travel Guide
 Smiling Women Tasting Beer in Brewery
Travellers sailing around Whitsunday Islands, Australia

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Asia Bike Tourist
Travelers in Machu Picchu, Peru
A traveller on safari trip in Africa taking photos of elephants
New Zealand Rotorua

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How do I find the best travel deal?

There are two main ways to navigate our Travel Deals page. Got an idea of where you’d like to go? Awesome, you can browse deals by continent and select the best trip for you based on where you want to go. Keen for a great deal and not too fussed about where you travel? Also awesome – you can browse our top deals below $500, $1000 and $1500. Torn between 2-4 different trips? You can use our compare function to pinpoint the best trip for you.

What are the cheapest travel destinations?

There are budget-friendly destinations all over the world, such as Thailand, Mexico, Egypt, Slovakia and more. Flight prices will also factor into this too, so a destination may seem pricey or affordable to you depending on how close you are to it and how early you decide to book. Need more inspo? Read about the cheapest places to travel in 2023.

When is the best time to look for travel deals?

You’ll find great Contiki travel deals all year round, but the best times to look will be November (during our Cyber Sale) and January (during our January sale.)

What is the cheapest way to plan a trip?

Careful planning can save you a LOT of money. For real. Things like booking flights in advance, choosing the right time of year to travel and taking advantage of various discounts can really make a huge difference.

Not a fan of planning? That’s where we come in. We secure your accommodation, awesome activities and in-country transport for you, so all you need to do is book your flights and get ready to explore the world.

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