Contiki's commitment to you

Contiki is committed to providing a secure and safe environment for all our travelers regardless of their gender, sexuality, ethnicity or religious beliefs. We train our team to live by these values and represent them in their behaviour.

Travel is all about positive life experiences and we have a zero-tolerance policy on bullying or harassment being directed at any of our travelers and/or our team members. If you've ever been made to feel uncomfortable or intimidated by anyone’s behaviour during your trip, the first step is to talk to your Trip Manager. Also, if you witness any behaviour that you feel is unacceptable then your Trip Manager is your first port of call.

Our incredible support team extends far beyond your trip, so if your Trip Manager hasn’t been able to resolve a situation or you don’t feel comfortable discussing the issue with them, you can always have a frank conversation with our support team via email: specialist.support@contiki.com or you can call +44-203-368-8501. The sooner Contiki is made aware of the situation, the sooner we’ll be able to respond to it and give you the support you need.