Nested by the Neva River in the north-west of Russia, Saint Petersburg is a city with immense history abounding in the trademarks of Russian culture. The frosty climate often scares travelers away, leaving the brave to enjoy its rich tapestry of monuments and sites with the pride of an ancient explorer. Much of the city's great attractions and activities are wrapped in elegance and glamour, not least of all watching ballet at the decadent Mariinsky Theater and visiting the gold covered Catherine Palace in Tsarskoe Selo. Equally notable is the city's keen focus on the arts: it's even home to the second-largest art museum in the world, the Hermitage, which boasts a 3-million strong collection of masterpieces.  A private art collection featuring cultural valuables in gold, porcelain and bronze can be found at Faberge Museum, while a study of anthropology and ethnography can be enjoyed and squirmed over at Kunstkamera. Those unacquainted with Russia's culinary delights might be wondering about the food scene in St Petersburg. Prepare for mini blini pancakes served with a dollop of cream and caviar and pelmeni boiled dumpling that are nothing shy of mouthwatering. The city's festival line-up doesn't fail to impress, most notably with VK Festival hosted by Russia's biggest social media website, as well as the Festival of Lights and Alye Parusa that both bring the night sky to life. When all the culture and history of St Petersburg has been soaked up it will be time to immerse in the new world with shopping and nightlife, of which the options are endless on the Nevsky Prospekt.


Language:  Russian

Currency:  Russian ruble

Electricity:  220V

Visas:  Click here to see if you need a visa to enter Russia.

Dialling Code:  +7

Time Zone: (GMT +03:00)


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