Visit England, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy & Switzerland

Short on time but not on wanderlust? This one fits in the best of Europe’s icons, journeying through 8 incredible countries with all the iconic sites included. Visit the canals and gable houses of Amsterdam, see the Eiffel Tower lit up at night, maze through the canal highways of Venice and enjoy legendary Special Stays at our Austrian Gasthof and Swiss Chalet.

Stay: Feature Hostel Jo&Joe

Paris, France | Day 4

So much more than a hostel, this trendy 5,000 m2 living space features a restaurant, bar, a verdant garden and more. Kick back on the lawns, clink glasses, cook or watch some live music. This place is the embodiment of what hostels can be in the 21st century.

Special Stay: Contiki’s Gasthof Schoneck

Hopfgarten, Austria | Day 4

Nestled deep within the Austrian Alps, you’ll find something pretty special. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, bubbling rivers and iconic vistas, our cosy, traditional and exclusive Gasthof has been wowing travellers for decades.

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Get active in the Alps

Swiss Alps & Hopfgarten

Jaw-dropping views, rushing rivers, towering pines and winding mountain trails - there’s a reason the Alps are a paradise for adventurers. From paragliding & white water rafting in the Austrian Tyrol to hiking in the Swiss Alps, this region quickens the pulse in more ways than one.

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Soar over the Tyrol

Swiss Alps | Days 6 & 7

Want to experience the freedom of flight as well as the spectacular alps from a peerless perspective? Take to the skies over the Austrian Tyrol, soaring over the canyons and lakes as you feel a unique combination of adrenaline and tranquility.

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Bike through the Alps

Austrian Tyrol | Day 7

In winter, the best way to get around the Austrian Tyrol is on skis or a board, but when the sun shines and the mountainsides are in bloom, hop on a bike and explore the winding streams, off road paths and trout farms. When you get back to the gasthof, reward your efforts with an outdoor BBQ.

Go white water rafting

Tyrol, Austria | Day 4

The Austrian Tyrol offers 120km of mighty rapids, winding through the spectacular landscapes of the Austrian Alps. The feeling of sitting inside your boat with your Contiki fam and mastering the thundering rapids, framed by vibrant green mountain passes, is a feeling you’ll never forget.

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Hike a glacier

The Alps | Day 7

You don’t need to be a pro to hike the Aletsch Glacier, but this unforgettable Alpine adventure will make you feel on top of the world. As long as you have some stamina and a head for heights, you’ll conquer the largest glacier in Western Europe, traversing towering crevasses, alpine meadows and charming foothills whilst falling in love with the Alps over and over again.

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Explore winding waterways

Venice, Italy | Day 5

The best way to explore the winding waterways of Venice is of course by the iconic gondola, a traditional Venetian rowing boat which was the main form of transportation back when Venice was the trading capital of the world. Today, the rich tradition lives on through gondoliers, who carry you through the dreamy canals on their self-owned, beautiful boats. They’ll even sing you a traditional song, if you want. Does life get any more romantic than this?

Go on a ‘Passeggiata’ & Aperitivo Tour

Venice, Italy | Day 5

A 'passeggiata' is an Italian tradition of a leisurely evening stroll, usually for the purpose of socialising. Explore the floating city when the sun goes down on this Hidden Venice passeggiata, in which you’ll also taste all of the local flavours. From mouthwatering ‘cicchetti’ bites, washed down with prosecco, to tiny meatballs and tramezzini, this is the perfect way to get a taste of a culinary culture while falling in love with Venice’s unique charms.

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Get lost in the city of light

Paris, France | Days 8 to 10

Come to Paris for the iconic Eiffel Tower lit up spectacularly at night - stay for the patisserie tours, creepy catacombs, or enjoying a cheese omelette and a glass of wine as you overlook the sprawling city from the chic village of Montmartre.

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Triumphal arch eiffel tower paris france

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