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Our Climate Action Plan

How we’re committing to carbon reductions and evolving to support the transition to a low-carbon future.

At Contiki, we want to travel, and we want you to have life-changing travel experiences. We want you to see the big five on safari, to explore pristine coastlines and listen to the rainforest, intact and teeming with wildlife. We want to keep sharing the gift of travel with you, and others.

But unprecedented things are happening to our planet – the impacts of climate change are universal, and ignoring it won’t make it go away.

That’s why, from 2022, Contiki as a company will be completely Carbon Neutral. It’s just one of the steps we’re taking, and we’ve developed a five-point Climate Action Plan to guide us – committing to learning and adapting as the world moves closer to a lower carbon economy.

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Contiki’s Climate Action Plan

Our five-point Climate Action Plan is part of our How We Tread Right sustainability strategy.

Our plan is not marked by one quick fix, because there isn’t one, it is marked with our commitment to learn and adapt as technology and innovation inevitably moves us closer to capturing excess carbon in our atmosphere.

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    Measure the emissions from our businesses and trips.

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    Build on reduction efforts and set ambitious reduction targets by mid-2022.

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    Through our TreadRight Foundation, invest in new technologies and nature-based solutions to remove excess carbon from the atmosphere.

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    Purchase carbon credits to offset unavoidable emissions, including phasing in carbon neutral trips between 2022-2030.

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    Continue to learn from others, invest in new technologies and support strategic alliances that enable us and the industry to move to a low carbon economy.

Beginning in 2022, in partnership with a leading offset provider, South Pole, we will offset your Contiki trip by purchasing carbon credits from a combination of three meaningful carbon reduction projects.

These projects include Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard projects to guarantee carbon reductions are made, while offering co-benefits that positively impact local communities:

What can you do?

Here’s how you can reduce your carbon footprint while traveling:

Travel by coach

Coach travel has been proven to have substantial environmental benefits, including reducing congestion and causing less pollution per passenger kilometre than any other transportation option. Coaches have been proven to emit fewer greenhouse gases on a per passenger basis than either train or car travel (DEFRA - Dept for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs GHG Conversion Factors 2019).


Offset your flight

If you’re looking to offset the carbon footprint of your flight to and from your destination, we recommend measuring the emissions from your flight and offsetting this amount with our partner South Pole’s Flight Calculator. They provide travelers with a variety of verifiable carbon offset projects to choose from.


Use public transport when you can

Check ahead to see if there is public transport or a shuttle available to help you get from the airport to your accommodations. This reduces the amount of cars on the road, idling and releasing GHGs.


Try more veggie options

Meat production is the primary source of methane emissions, a greenhouse gas 86 times more potent than carbon dioxide. When you’re traveling try a new vegetarian or vegan dish – check out our Contiki vegan trip here.


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