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Our Core Values

We're passionate about practising what we preach.

These are the words we live by, and they impact everything single thing we do.

Make every moment count.

Life is there for the living. Make sure you never look back with regrets.

We're about people.

The world is about people, not things. great people make us the company we are. we celebrate individuality, diversity, connections and a little bit of craziness.


Life's an adventure.

We’re adventurous in all that we do. pushing the boundaries, putting ourselves out there and being open to new ideas.

We are young.

We celebrate being young and seeing the world through youthful eyes, with a little bit of naivety and a truckload of optimism.

Challenge everything.

without a healthy disregard for the impossible we would be just another travel company, and that’s nowhere near good enough for us.


Do things with passion.

One of the most important things we’ve learned along our journey: do things with passion or not at all.

Tread lightly.

it’s not about a sustainability statement in a brochure or on a website, it’s about a way of life that respects people, wildlife and our planet.


Be part of the story.

Every single contiki traveller and team member has written a chapter of the contiki story.