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Contiki is committed to providing a secure and safe environment for all our travelers regardless of their gender, sexuality, ethnicity or religious beliefs. We train our team to live by these values and represent them in their behaviour.

Travel is all about positive life experiences and we have a zero-tolerance policy on bullying or harassment being directed at any of our travelers and/or our team members. If you've ever made to feel uncomfortable or intimidated by anyone’s behaviour during your trip, the first step is to talk to your Trip Manager. Also, if you witness any behaviour that you feel is unacceptable then your Trip Manager is your first port of call.


Our incredible support team extends far beyond your trip, so if your Trip Manager hasn’t been able to resolve a situation or you don’t feel comfortable discussing the issue with them, you can always have a frank conversation with our support team via email: or you can call +44-203-368-8501. The sooner Contiki is made aware of the situation, the sooner we’ll be able to respond to it and give you the support you need.



Traveling with Contiki is about embracing local cultures, living authentic experiences and forging incredible friendships. But bringing our travelers on an adventure of a lifetime isn’t possible unless we all show respect for the places we visit and for one another.

We pride ourselves on offering travelers freedom on all of our trips, but these rules don’t bend:

When on a Contiki trip:

Be flexible and understanding of timings and itineraries - there’s so much of the world to see and we don’t want you to miss a single second or hold others up.


Respect local customs and cultural values. If you’re unsure about something, just ask our expert Trip Managers and guides.

Respect other’s cultural values and points of view. Travel is all about embracing new ideas and learning new perspectives.


Be responsible for your actions at all times.

Be polite, kind and respectful to trip managers, trip drivers, locals, fellow travelers and anyone else you might encounter. This is on and offline.


Celebrate diversity: as you travel on a group trip you will be exposed to all the pleasures and maybe some of the frustrations of traveling in a group. Your fellow travelers will probably come from all corners of the world and at Contiki we don`t just value diversity, we celebrate it.

Be aware that certain words or phrases that might be commonplace in your home countries are offensive in others and adapt your language for the situation you are in.


Leave the place as you found it. This beautiful planet is for us to respect. Take your rubbish with you, reduce the number of plastic bottles you buy and make responsible travel decisions.

Respect Social Media Chat Groups: Your trip manager will set up a Chat Group for communication. Make sure you’re respectful and avoid posting unacceptable content or anything contrary to Contiki policies in your trip chat group.


Contiki has a Zero Tolerance Policy to the following acts and reserves the right to terminate your trip on the grounds of the following behaviour:

Drugs: Possession and use of recreational drugs and illegal substances on Contiki properties and Coaches is strictly prohibited and will result in the immediate removal of the travelers - no exceptions, ever.

Alcohol: Excess alcohol consumption that puts travelers and crew at risk is grounds for removal from the trip. Drink responsibly and look after yourself.

Abusive behaviour: Under no circumstances will physical violence of any type be tolerated our trips or within any Contiki facility.

Verbal Abuse: Contiki will not tolerate travelers that use abusive language or make gestures that could be disrespectful or threatening.

Inappropriate conduct that affects those around you, whether a fellow traveler, Contiki Representative or business partner is unacceptable.



Any threats to safety, well-being or inappropriate behaviour may lead to the immediate termination of a traveler`s trip. Travelers removed from a trip for failure to comply to the Contiki Traveler Code of Conduct are responsible for repatriation and related costs and have no claims against Contiki.