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Want to discover Europe, but don’t want to do it solo? At Contiki, we know group travel better than anyone. We believe that life’s greatest lessons are learned through travel. Most importantly, we know that it’s the people that make your first travel experience that bit more special. On a Contiki trip, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded travellers who will help shape the memories that will last a lifetime. Be it creating a dance routine for your first night out in Paris, or marvelling at your first taste of real Italian gelato together. They’ll watch you transform into a completely different person through the power of travel.
Put simply, we’re the world’s leading youth travel company. With 300 trips spanning 6 continents, one thing's for sure, 100% of our solo travellers come home with new friends from around the world. That’s why our tailor-made packages that span over 8 different travel styles make us the best people to kick off your group travel tour. While you’ll start the tour as strangers, you’ll end the tour as family, and create truly unbreakable bonds. No matter if it’s backpacking, camping or sailing, this is group travel redefined.

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How much does it cost to tour Europe?

If you want to see all the icons of Europe during summer, it can be very pricey. Many cities in Western Europe are very expensive, and when you count food, accommodation and transport the price can shoot up. That's why we offer group tours, where you can enjoy the highlights your way, with food, transport, accommodation and social fun all included in the cost, as well as optional add ons so you can customise your journey. Travelling with Contiki means your trip, your way, but is also a great way to stay in control of how much your European adventure costs.

What are the best tour companies for Europe?

We might be a little biased, but we've been in this game for a while and reckon we're top of the pack. Europe has been our spiritual home since 1962, when young adventurers first explored this epic continent on the first Contiki bus. Today, we have hundreds of trips over 6 continents, but this is still the continent that made our name. From Paris to Rome, Dubrovnik to Moscow, we've got this continent covered, with all of the logistics sorted.

What is a European tour?

A European tour usually means a way of exploring the best parts of a continent on one trip, rather than taking multiple holidays to Spain, France or Italy. A European tour allows you to see all the cultural highlights, iconic sights and bucket-list tickers all on one trip, usually with a group of other travellers and a guide of sorts. On our famous European tours, you get a Trip Manager, who is an expert on all things Europe, food, accommodation and transport included, plus a group of young travellers to share all these amazing travel experiences with.

How do I plan a trip to Europe?

When planning a trip to Europe there are many things to consider. As well as flights, you need to think about food, accommodation, transport from place to place and what to see and where to go. That's why tours of Europe are a popular way to plan a trip of Europe, in which all of the logistics are sorted out for you before you travel, so you can just focus on seeing the sights and enjoying the amazing history and food.

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Our different travel styles are all about giving you choice. Differentiated by how many places you want to visit and how much you want included in the price, it means you know exactly what you’re getting when you travel with us.