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Latin America is an intoxicating part of the planet, bursting with culture, passion, music and natural beauty. Young travellers are starting to wise up to the many eclectic wonders to be found in this region, but due to lingering issues of infrastructure and crime, travel around this vast topography is sometimes a bit trickier than in other parts of the world. This is why group holidays are an increasingly popular method of Latin America travel; they’re generally safer, hassle-free and are a fantastic way to connect with like-minded adventurers.

Latin America tour packages can take you from the Caribbean beaches of Belize to the dense jungles of Brazil, so you before you choose your trip, you need to think about what kind of trip you’re after. If you’re interested in walking through the ethereal embers of former civilisations, Peru will be right up your street. Take the Incan trail and uncover the majesty of Machu Picchu (it’s a bucket list location for a reason), or stay in the historical Incan capital Cusco, a fascinating marriage of Incan and colonial architecture. Everywhere you look, you’ll find views of a lifetime.
Brazil group tours offer dazzling diversity. The largest country in South America is difficult to explore, so a guided tour is the perfect way to experience its highlights in digestible chunks. Start in Rio and sip a caipirinha or play some beach futbol on the famed beaches of Copacabana, before heading up to Christ the Redeemer where the panoramic views are biblical. Once you’ve partied the night away with your new squad, you can head to the compact paradise of Buzios, one of the most beautiful areas in the world, where rustic charm and world-class beaches will make all of your worries melt away.

Whatever your dream Latin American location, a group tour is a great way to mix with people who all have something in common – un unbridled passion for travel. From island hopping the Galapagos to devouring the BBQ to end all BBQs in Buenos Aires, you’ll find memorable experiences everywhere you look, and with a Contiki tour you’ll find memorable people to share them with.



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