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A road trip around North America is a bucket list item for many, and for good reason. Hitting the open road in this dizzyingly diverse continent is a modern odyssey without an equivalent. We all have an idea of our own American dream, and it usually involves sunshine, good vibes and great friends, which is why group travel is an increasingly popular way to journey from state to state. Group holidays get rid of the logistical strains of traversing such a huge continent, allowing you focus on making fast friends, while a knowledgeable guide can help you uncover its many mysteries in ways that would be impossible on your own.

USA tour packages involve so many configurations that it’s difficult to know where to begin. How about the storied west coast, where California sun illuminates the beautiful bays of San Diego, and Yosemite national park stuns at every turn? From here you and your squad can immerse yourselves in the seductive glamour of Vegas or get stars in your eyes on the Hollywood hills.
If you’re more of an urban explorer, USA travel wouldn’t be complete without a trip to its 24-hour cities. Cultural behemoths like New York and Chicago never sleep and are sure to serve up an endless feast of food, music, art and glamour. With a trip manager who is in the know, a group tour can be a peerless way to experience these cities for the first time, as a host of insider tips can have you wining and dining like the locals.

And North America isn’t just about the US. Experience the monumental landscapes of Canada with fellow adventurers and you’ll make friends for life. Canada travel packages can take you through frozen shores, glorious auroras and stark mountain ranges, and the cities aren’t bad either. Vancouver buzzes with a matchless multicultural energy, while the culture of Quebec will charm your socks off. Whether you’re a wilderness wanderer or a city-slicker, North America has so much to show you, and on a group tour you can be assured that you’ll find precious friendships along the way.



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