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No matter how much you google a destination, there are some things that only a local would know. That's why guided tours form such a huge part of our trip experiences. We don’t believe you should be paying extra for the essentials, so we include the very best guided tours and sightseeing experiences as part of the package. Believe us, there’s nothing more awe-inspiring than finally standing in front of the landmark you’ve always dreamed of visiting, or exploring the architecture of the European city you’ve always fancied living in. Especially when you’ve got the inside knowledge of your talented and infinitely clued-up Contiki tour guide. Learning about the Roman history that beats through Italian streets? 
Understanding the intricate rituals of Japan’s tea houses? Getting up close and personal with the Geothermal landscape of Iceland? These and so much more, included as standard. Contiki guided tours have the perfect balance of hitting the historical sights, famous spots and quintessential must do’s while also uncovering local secrets and going off the beaten track to ensure your experience is nothing short of authentic through and through. All the ingredients to make that epic trip of a lifetime all the more special. Sound too good to be true? It’s probably best to find out for yourself…

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Our different travel styles are all about giving you choice. Differentiated by how many places you want to visit and how much you want included in the price, it means you know exactly what you’re getting when you travel with us.