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With its wondrous wildlife, world-class beaches, spectacular scenery, buzzing culture and fascinating indigenous history, Australia is the continent that keeps on giving. But given the mind-boggling scale and diversity on offer, it can all get a bit overwhelming. That’s why an Australia guided tour is an increasingly popular way of uncovering its riches. With your very own Australia travel guide, you can get the most out of every coast, so the only question is, where to begin?

How about the sweeping East coast, famed for its beaches, reefs and rainforests? From the iconic sights of Sydney down towards to the beach-bum paradise of Byron Bay and the aptly named Surfer’s Paradise, the East is full of delights. Maybe you’re more into your wildlife than your sun and sand? No problem, take a tour through Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, where you’ll find cute koalas, inquisitive kangaroos and cranky crocs.
Maybe you fancy a more tropical trip? Start off in Cairns and get ready to explore the wonders of Whitsundays, with 74 spectacular tropical islands at the tips of your fingers, where you can surf, swim and scuba to your heart’s content. If you’re more into braving the bush, then an Australian vacation package wouldn’t be complete without a mystical Uluru sunset. Whatever type of trip you’re on the hunt for, Australia is a treasure trove of life-changing experiences.

So where to start? How about with a Contiki? Guided tours are what we do, and since the 1960’s we’ve ensured our travellers reach the biggest icons as well as the undiscovered diamonds, all while forging friendships and making memories that’ll last a lifetime. So, if you’re looking for your own awe-inspiring Australian guided tour - from tropical reefs to outback adventures and everything in between - look no further than some of our famed adventure packages.



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