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Europe is epic in every way; it's geographic and cultural diversity - combined with its sheer size – means it’s a lot to digest for even the most intrepid of travellers. For this reason, a guided tour of Europe is a popular route to go. The idea is, with your very own Europe travel guide, you can see all of the sights and sounds without missing a trick and without becoming overwhelmed. The question is, who can you trust with such an undertaking, and what stops are utterly unmissable?

How about a guided tour of Italy? This is a country rich in culture and heritage, so a tour guide who’s in the know can make all the difference in understanding each region. From the sweeping rustic hills of chianti, the artistic majesty of Vatican City or the historical hotspots of Rome, a guided tour can ensure you experience the best wineries, frescos and Roman ruins, all with a bit of context to boot.

Or maybe a UK guided tour is more up your street? From York’s gothic grandeur to pints of Guinness in Dublin, London’s historical richness and Edinburgh’s charming crannies, a guided tour of the UK is a great way to imbibe all of that culture without missing a thing.
European vacation packages wouldn’t be complete without a trip to France, where art, fashion, food and culture is all on top form, all of the time. A France guided tour can take you from the bistros and boutiques of Paris to the sapphire swims of the French Riviera while ensuring you eat all of the incredible food and sample all of the world-class wine!

Whatever the shape of your dream European guided tour, it's important you choose the right tour guides. Contiki have been in the guided tour business since 1962 and are experts in giving you everything you need – from the iconic hotspots to under-the radar delights. Factor in value, freedom and food, and it’s clear you could do a lot worse than taking one of our famed European tours.



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